Students Participate in Student Aid Advocacy Day

student advocacy dayAlongside Dr. Stephen Medvec, three Holy Family University students traveled to Harrisburg, PA on April 12 to participate in Student Aid Advocacy Day.

Sponsored by the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania’s website, Student Aid Advocacy Day is “a day set aside each year for the students from our member institutions to lobby for legislative support for private institutions of higher education. It is not only a great opportunity to remind our legislators that their constituents attend private colleges and universities but also lends an excellent educational experience for the participating students.”

Attending the trip was junior Lauren Apice, junior Sienna Smith, and sophomore Victoria Hernandez.

“This was an exceptional delegation,” Medvec said. “We met at the Capitol in Harrisburg on Tuesday, April 12th, with Representative Mike Driscoll, Senator John Sabatina, Jr., and with Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack. It was an excellent opportunity for these students to get involved and learn about the behind the scenes processes for Pennsylvania’s higher education.”

Having the opportunity to network with these individuals was a valuable experience for Hernandez, as she will complete an internship in Washington D.C. during the summer.

“Traveling to Harrisburg and participating in Student Aid Advocacy Day was by far one of the most amazing opportunities I have experienced,” she said. “The ability to say I have spoken to Senator Sabatina, Representative Driscoll, and Lt. Governor Stack is something I will never forget. Moreover, everything from developing a deeper understanding of budgets for colleges and universities to the creation of scholarships will serve as a learning pillar that I will take with me to my internship in Washington D.C. this summer.”